About Eduard

I’m a designer living in Zürich. At the moment, I work as a Product Designer at Inyova.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been holding various positions in the field of Design. My responsibilities were ranging from making pop-ups and banners, designing offline communication materials and campaigns to creating visual brand identities, retouching photos, crafting user interfaces and creating digital experiences.

As a Product Designer, I love to take part in every stage of the modern product development life cycle - from research to design and implementation, with my focus areas being user interface design, user experience design, and overall art direction.

While design plays a significant role in my life - it is love and children that make my life truly meaningful and provide an endless source of inspiration, joy, and happiness.

You can drop me a line at hi@eduard.work if you like.

About this site

I created this website to showcase my work. Occasionally I also write here about anything that interests me. Besides that, I use it to learn and try out new features and technologies in modern front-end web development.

Designed mostly in the browser and built in VS Code using the great SvelteKit framework. Typefaces from The Temporary State and Collletttivo.

Hosted on AWS using AWS Amplify Console. Git workflow with GitHub Desktop.

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