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jovoto is the leading co-creation platform running mass ideation sprints with a global community of creatives.

With over 120 000 professional creatives, brainstorming ideas and concepts online can be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Having more than 100 idea submissions per innovation sprint, it was often hard for the team to capture, compare, and spot the winning insight.

Old idea detail page

Understanding the challenges

As a first step, we started capturing all the insights around jovoto’s idea submission process.

Having in-depth interviews with sprint managers, clients, and creatives helped to make us understand the challenge.

Collected insights

  • Pitching ideas can be a time-consuming process for creatives
  • Creatives felt in need to create as much content as possible as there were no requirements on how to present the idea
  • Winning a contest was putting effort into presentation rather than the idea itself
Challenge №1:

How might we create more fairness and reduced efforts when submitting ideas?

Sprint managers & clients
  • Evaluating 100s of ideas with an unlimited amount of pages is though
  • Ideas were often hard to understand as they were not following the classical problem → solution structure
  • Ideas were hard to compare, present and evaluate
  • Unable to print ideas
Challenge №2:

How might we make reviewing ideas more focused?

Defining a minimum viable solution

Using modern design thinking methods, we started creating a unique version of an idea template. Describing the idea on one screen or one A4-sized slide should be the new basis for every idea submission.

Setting measurable goals

  • Ideas are faster and easier to create
  • Ideas are easier to understand, compare and evaluate
  • Ideas can be printed

Testing our solution

To test our solution, we used a .pdf template, which we have sent out to creatives to be filled and then sent back to us.

Key learning

Certain projects need additional input from the creatives, which has to be attached to the idea.

A new idea submission process

Tackling the challenges and incorporating learnings during wireframing.

Designing new idea pages

User interface building blocks

12 column layout grid

Basic interaction elements

Text styles


Idea upload process

To enhance the overall user experience of the idea upload component and ensure a greater number of successful idea submissions we’ve made the following improvements:

  • Multi-step wizard - creates an easy to follow and fast upload experience, and enables us to guide the creatives with examples and assist with the tips
  • Idea completeness progress bar - keeps users engaged and provides feedback
  • Draft mode to allow creatives finishing their ideas later

Upload and edit your idea on any device

The new idea upload is more accessible - you can start uploading your idea on the go and finish later on your PC

Guiding creatives with tips

We’ve added tips overlays to the upload process - guiding users and helping them to structure their ideas

Additional input

Different types of additional input can be added to idea upload process, making resulting submissions versatile and more flexible

Viewing uploaded idea

A new idea view page has a dedicated idea canvas space, where contents of each slide are displayed - this makes each idea more compact and quickly scannable.

We’ve also added links to download idea’s source files and idea as an A4 formatted .pdf file.

Various slide layouts

Basic idea template including leading visual, target group, observation, conclusion, and solution

Optional slide - includes landscape image and short text caption

Optional slide with a portrait image and long text

A slide with plain text

Over 60 screens were made throughout the design phase


Feedback from creatives on the new idea upload and idea view pages was overwhelmingly positive, and the quality of submitted ideas has drastically improved.

Quotes from creatives
It’s an enormous improvement than before. The template helps you pitch your idea and makes it easy to understand/digest. The template is more structured; you can read and understand the concept faster. For most of the ideas, I didn’t have to browse all the slides because this new design allows you to understand the idea from the first slide.
It’s very effortless to see what I should focus on while posting the idea: where is the problem? (observation), what do I think about the problem? (conclusion) and what should I do to solve it? (solution).
The template helps to define the most critical thoughts and to avoid “water”.


Sketching, high-fidelity prototyping, usability testing, user experience design, user interface design, user interface patterns, visual style guide

Tools used

Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, InVision

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